Coworking is Here in Manizales

The way Manizales works is about to be revolutionized: coworking is here.

What is coworking?

Coworking is not only about sharing a physical space and the costs associated with it, but also about being part of a community, having access to resources and working in a sustainable way. Coworking spaces are designed to provide a productive and collaborative environment for their dynamic inhabitants, without the corporate constraints that are traditionally present in an “office” environment, with flexible rates and memberships that are offered to meet most needs of working people.


There are several definitions of coworking, but all of them include the following elements:

Shared Space

“a form of work that allows independent professionals, entrepreneurs, and SMEs from different sectors to share the same workspace, both physical and virtual, to develop their professional projects independently while promoting joint projects ” (Wikipedia)



“But, above all, they give off a sense of community. The effort is to mix talents from different worlds. Create networks, enrich the word. And this is gunpowder over fire. ‘Seeing people working hard motivates us to do the same, but they also never interrupt us, because our work is independent, not interdependent,’ points out Ethan Bernstein, a professor of leadership at Harvard Business School. ” (El País)


Cooperative Work

“cooperative work fosters stable relationships between professionals from different sectors that can lead to new customer-supplier relationships as well as exchanges and collaboration of a horizontal type among the coworkers ” (Wikipedia)

” In many occasions, the users of these coworking spaces take advantage of the synergies that can be created between them. This is how collaborations are born, contacts and clients are exchanged, and experiences and advice are exchanged. ” (Eroski Foundation)



” many coworking spaces hold events of all kinds that are very useful to increase one’s network of contacts, and workshops, which allow members to acquire new skills. ” (The Economist)


Why Manizales?

Coworking has become a global phenomenon, with annual growth of 24.2%. Coworking spaces are already popular in the main cities of the world, and begin to appear in growing cities where entrepreneurship is prominent like in Manizales. That’s why MiCowork established its roots in this city.

It is expected that by 2022, the world will have more than 30,000 coworking spaces and more than 5.1 million members of coworking communities.

For those who are starting with their own company (as startups and entrepreneurs), a coworking space is the perfect option because it offers the possibility of expanding or reducing the number of members in the team, the low costs due to shared infrastructure, an internal community to establish networks and links with experienced people with knowledge and resources, as well as mentors and financing options. In addition, it is the ideal platform to launch a new product.


Coworking is the future of work

This way of working will be important for remote employees and freelancers because it gives them a sense of community in their chosen workplace. Also, they feel that they do not compete with anyone; on the contrary, it is a tool against the loneliness and isolation that result when one works from home.

Coworking is the new way to unite life and work in a sustainable way. It is the global axis at the intersection of real estate, technology and community, and what will shape our way of working in the future.

In this video, the founder of the first coworking space in Thailand, gives his opinion of how coworking can change the world:

I leave you with a quote from one of the general directors of the largest coworking company in the world, WeWork:

“Because we not only offer space, we open doors for business to grow and new connections are developed that allow our members to be part of something bigger than themselves.

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